The seeds for Tara Hills Baseball were sown in 1960, when Gene Buxa became a playground director at Tara Hills. During that time, the only organized baseball in the area was Little League and Dick Price's teams in Pinole. Tara Hills started with teams in a playground league, with a team of 13-14 year olds, 11-12 year olds, 9-10 year olds, and four Pee Wee-aged players. When the Pee Wees played a game, Buxa would take the four regulars and drive through the neighborhood looking for eight year olds and under and shanghai five or six of these boys and play the game. Most of the better players at that time were in Little League or playing for Price and it was not uncommon for Tara Hills to lose by scores of 10-0. In 1961, Buxa placed some emphasis on the Pee Wee program by establishing the Tara Hills farm system (the Pee Wee Instructional League). From the two instruction teams the All Stars were selected to play in the county league along with a team from Pinole and two from the Martinez area.

Then in 1963, the Pee Wee program exploded. Tara Hills found itself with seven instructional teams plus the All Stars, and for the first time, it entered a team in the Richmond Bronco AB league. Also, during this year, the Pinole Pony League was organized. Buxa found himself managing all these teams as well as a 9-10 year old and a 11-12 year old recreation league teams plus a girl's softball team. And in addition to this, he was trying to raise money for most of the equipment and uniforms. At this time, while the quality and quantity of ball players were mushrooming, the administration was in chaos. It was at this point that Buxa started frantically looking for help. While picking up some equipment one day at Lambert and LaLone's Sporting Goods Store, Buxa persuaded co-owner Larry LaLone to take the Pee Wee All Stars for one week while he got his feet on the ground. This week somehow managed to stretch into years and LaLone became the prime mover in developing the much-needed organization. LaLone went right to work expanding and promoting the County Pee Wee program and setting up an organization, while Buxa became the first president of the County League.

In the fall of 1963 and the winter of 1964, through the leadership of LaLone and Dr. Francis Wilson, the first president, the Tara Hills Recreation Association came into being. Some of the people who played an important role in the early development of the Association were Harry Hansen, Bob Lindsey, Russ Kibler, Mrs. Jean Cronin, Clarence Roger, Jim Pippin, Vern Grushus and Jack Fernsler. The Tara Hills league originally played it games in the city of San Pablo playing at what is now known as the Montara Bay Softball field and Sea View Elementary school fields,(to the right of the softball field) During which the original league colors we're green and white. In 1984, the league had the opportunity to move to what is now the present home fields in the North Campus school up the street from the Montara fields. The Th league colors have changed a few times since it's start, from Green & White, to Red & Yellow, to Gold & Blue and in 2005, Tara Hills changed it's colors to Blue & Grey. The Tara Hills Recreation Association has continued to grow stronger each year and presently has approximately 250 boys and girls. Over the years, THRA has developed many outstanding ball players as well as many exceptional adult leaders who are devoted to the ideals of promoting good sportsmanship and character while developing the athletic skills of the players.


 Kenny Paysinger,  President

Greg Everetts, Vice President

   Vonja Johnson,  Secretary

 Kara Garcia, Treasurer

 Monique August, Fundraising/Sponsor Co-Chair


                         Field Maintenance Director

  Ron Gay, Schedule Master

                           Snack Bar Chair

                           Snack Bar Co-Chair

                           Snack Bar Co-Chair

  Christina Ince, Team Parent Coordinator

 Prince Smalls, Website Manager

Charles Porter, Purchasing Agent

 Garice Tate SR, Shetland Player Agent

                              Pinto Player Agent                               

                              Mustang Player Agent

                               Bronco Player Agent

                               Pony Player Agent