Pony/THRA Pinto Rules



  • Pinto Rules
  • No leading off. Runner must remain in contact with the base until the pitcher releases the ball. Runners may steal bases, but shall not leave the base they are occupying at the time of the pitch until the pitcher has released the ball. Runners who leave base before the pitcher has released the ball and the pitch is hit, that runner is out and the ball is live in play.  If the pitch is not hit, the runner must return to the base and the ball is dead, however if the runner is put out trying to steal, the out will supersede the dead ball. 
  • Each team can play with 3 or 4 outfielders
  • A team can start play with 8 players till end of 1st inning, if such team does not have 9 players to begin Top of 2nd inning, that team forfeits the game., however game still can be played as a scrimmage game if both coaches agree. 
  • Pitchers shall not pitch in more than 2 innings a calendar day
  • Pitchers shall not pitch in more than 4 innings a calendar week
  • Pitchers shall have 40 hours’ rest after pitching in 2 innings a calendar day.
  • Once umpire signals “Play/Play Ball” to the pitcher, that pitcher’s inning count begins. Any player that occupies the pitching rubber and throws 1 warmup pitch, will be known as the pitcher of such inning. That such pitcher must pitch a complete at bat before being taken off the mound, and will not pitch anymore that game.
  • All games are 6 innings or 1 hour & 30 mins, whichever happens first.
  • All games can end in a tie
  • Home team will prep and close field, Get game balls, scoreboard/clicker from snack shack.


Halfway Lines & Timeout Rule

Halfway lines will be placed in between 

  • 1st/2nd 
  • 2nd/3rd 
  • 3rd/home
  • A batted ball must be in possession of any infielder in the infield area for such infielder to call time. Once the umpire acknowledge & enforce such timeout, all play on the runner(s) must cease. It is the umpire’s judgement that will advance or return which base the runner(s) is to occupy. 


Run Rule

  • 5 runs per inning per team for 1st – 5 innings
  • 6th inning is unlimited runs per team
  • 10 run rule after 4th inning